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Spamming the earth with GHGs

29 April 2009

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A new research has highlighted the importance of stopping spam as it produces greenhouse gases that harms the planet.

Every morning when I get to office and download my e-mails, I pretty much without fail end up a little irritated. The reason is spam and the sheer amount of it! My mailbox, most of the time, receives spam mails almost equal in number to my official e-mails. And this too with a spam filter in place.

Apart from being extremely irritable, the news is that spamming is reported to be harmful to the environment as well.

A new research has shown that sending unsolicited e-mails use up a lot of energy and produces greenhouse gases that harm the planet.

Last year 62 trillion spam mails were sent that generated greenhouse gases equivalent to driving a car around the planet 1.6 million times!!

This surely is no laughing matter and calls for better mechanism to control spam.


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