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E-governance will bring more transparency: V Narayanasamy

10 December 2013

Ashok Kumar/OneWorld South Asia

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V Narayanasamy, India’s Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions and Prime Minister’s Office, in an interview with OneWorld South Asia, said that all Indians need to do a serious introspection to tackle the menace of corruption.

OneWorld South Asia: How can the political leadership help in making the government institutions more transparent?

V Narayanasamy: The Group of Ministers (GoM) on corruption has finalised its report and it will soon be submitted to the Indian government.

We prepared three reports. Two interim reports have been submitted which have already been accepted by the government. We have also introduced certain legislations for good governance.

There is a need for self introspection by all of us for moral leadership, integrity and transparency in the system. Unless we change our mindset, there cannot be much change in the society.

OWSA: How does corruption hamper the process of development?

Narayanasamy: Definitely, corruption will hamper the development programmes. India has taken several steps like joining the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

The government has taken several steps for the purpose of having open and transparent administration. Some of them including the Right to Information Act (RTI) have been implemented and many others are in the pipeline.

OneWorld South Asia: How do you look at the corruption in media?

Narayanasamy: Media is not corruption free. As far as media is concerned, self regulation has been given to the media. But unfortunately, that has not been strictly followed by the fourth estate.

There have been times when Indian media has failed to pay due respect to the line of self-regulation. Sometimes media create stories and conduct media trials. There have been instances of even courts being guided by media reports.

Media has to follow the self regulations in a disciplined way otherwise some kind of regulation has to be brought by the Government. It is a question of debate and ultimately we have to take a call on that.

OWSA: How can e-governance help make the delivery systems more transparent?

Narayanasamy: Days of keeping information under wraps are gone. Now, e-governance is being pursued by the government for more transparency.

Through e-governance programmes, we can put loads of information on the websites which are accessible to the common man. When people will have access to all such information, anybody who has a doubt about the system, can come forward and question it.

Therefore, we would like to have the e-governance programmes executed very effectively, both at the Central and State level.

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