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26-05-2009 In a discussion with iGovernment, IBM India's Public Sector General Manager Puneet Gupta shares his views on the company's offerings for the government sector in India.
Image Credits: igovernment / Puneet Gupta
19-05-2009 Increasing GHG emissions and the resulting sea level rise is posing a serious threat to low lying countries like Bangladesh. Shahriar Hossain writes that ICTs can be a potent, cross-cutting tool to limit and ultimately reduce GHG emissions across sectors.
15-05-2009 Ambrish Bakaya, Director Corporate Affairs Nokia India Pvt. Ltd. speaks to Ayeshea Perera from Mint on the Eco zone project that attempts to encourage handset users to be more environmentally aware.
11-05-2009 Nanotechnology holds huge potential for supplying clean water to the world's poor, but many challenges must be overcome to realise it. David Dickson is optimistic that science will rise above these hurdles to pioneer a new paradigm in using technology for development.
Nanotech to deliver clean water
Image Credits: World Bank / Nanotech can help deliver clean water to the world's poor
01-05-2009 Open Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are gaining popularity as an apt eLearning framework for African universities. At eLA 2009, Open Educational Resource advocates Felix Olakulehin, Romaric Sagbo, and Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein will discuss its benefits vis-à-vis its practicability and sustainability.
27-04-2009 Of late mobile phones have been blamed for a significant decline in populations of bees and birds, especially sparrows. Ken Banks tries to find out if there is any connection here.
Image Credits: BBC News / In the past thirty years the number of sparrows in Britain has fallen by half
21-04-2009 Every year one billion new mobile phones are sold. Jack Rowley talks about the 'connected' world and how this 'indicator of development' contributes to global warming.
Jack Rowley
Image Credits: egov / Jack Rowley
31-03-2009 Open innovation has potential to revitalise the development sector, providing new sources of creative knowledge and resources, says Tara Acharya.
open innovation
Image Credits: Flickr / lecercle / Open innovation encourages knowledge from end-users
20-01-2009 To inspire trust in e-commerce and e-governance, India needs appropriate laws to bring cyber criminals to justice. Kamlesh Bajaj elaborates.
Kamlesh Bajaj
Image Credits: Mint / Kamlesh Bajaj
14-01-2009 Disabled people comprise ten percent of the population, yet they are nowhere to be found on the airwaves, says Jean Parker, creator of Disability Radio Worldwide.
jean parker.jpg
Image Credits: EDAA / Jean Parker, Creator of Disability Radio Worldwide
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