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25-09-2012 India’s Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal said the despite the chances of the Internet being misused (like any other technology), the government was against having a control on this medium.
21-09-2012 Stressing on the need to take digital technology to as many people as possible in the rural areas of India, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Sachin Pilot said innovations in the field of technology can only be fruitful if they are scaled up to serve in the remotest areas and made to work for the masses.
Image Credits: Sachin Pilot, India's Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology.
10-09-2012 IBM recently announced its plan of setting up a research lab in Kenya. The lab, 'IBM-Research - Africa' will conduct basic and applied research in different areas with the use of modern technology to improve government efficiency. However, IBM's choice of Kenya for its African research lab is not the end of private-sector tech investment for other countries, says Linda Nordling, journalist at
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05-09-2012 As TV and radio broadcast markets intensify across several liberalised African countries, broadcasters need to find solutions to get more interactive with their audiences. SMS is one such solution. Amy O'Donnell, Project Manager at FrontlineSMS, a SMS management software, talks how SMS can be a powerful media tool.
04-09-2012 Ken Banks, founder of in his blog post speaks about how mobile technology is helping in bringing African grassroots innovation to limelight.
27-08-2012 In the World Bank blog on ICT use in Education, Michael Trucano, World Bank's Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, talks about ICT/education initiatives that have taken place in rural China over the last decade, and analyses the impact of ICT in China, and how it is being used in schools in rural parts.
09-08-2012 Will Mutua throws light on how access to the internet and mobile technologies has spurred innovation across the African continent in various in sectors such as finance, health and agriculture.
08-08-2012 Linda Raftree in her blogpost gives us perspective on how ICTs can support and protect children who migrate.
06-08-2012 This blog entry by Michael Trucano, ICT Specialist, explores issues related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education around the world. It explores trends that are sometimes not widely reported on in the international media.
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31-07-2012 Getting directions for public transport in Sydney has become a lot simpler, with a new feature introduced in Google Maps allowing public transport commuters to get directions using Google Maps, says David Heath, Journalist at iT Wire.
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