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27-07-2012 Does a country of 1.2 billion not deserve educational TV channels? Dr R. Sreedher, Media expert and Community Radio Practitioner, opines that if an innovative model is conceived, there is enough space in the TV market for these channels to become viable.
25-07-2012 The World Bank Group is increasingly working with its clients to expand the use of mobile phones as tools in development projects—for data collection and analysis, for effecting conditional cash transfers or as a mechanism for delivering healthcare advice, says Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Analyst in his blogpost.
20-07-2012 The UK ICT skills gap is a real issue and not one that will be addressed by the established academic channels alone, says BG Srinivas, Head of Europe and Global Head of Financial Services & Insurance,Infosys.
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17-07-2012 Advancement in mobile technology is improving health care consultations, data delivery and outcomes in the developing world. However, inspite of advances, mHealth faces a lot of challenges, says Jaclyn Schiff, correspondent at Devex.
16-07-2012 This opinion piece by Godfrey Chitalu, talks about adapting to solar power in Zambian towns and villages, which lacks access to conventional electricity. According to him cell phone companies should invest in renewable energy sources, which involves use of solar power units. This could go a long way in alleviating problems encountered by rural cell phone subscribers.
13-07-2012 Dr R Sreedher, media expert and community media practitioner, who recently retired from the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) speaks to Rahul Kumar of OneWorld South Asia, on how the community radio should be entrusted in the hands of the people to make it a really empowering tool for social change.
10-07-2012 This think piece by Kelly O'Neill, independent researcher and co-founder of Wired Woman Toronto, reflects on the evolution of ICT as a tool to monitor, report and critique corporate and state behaviour.
09-07-2012 Dr Naresh Gupta, Senior Vice President, Adobe Systems and Managing Director, Adobe India, tells OneWorld South Asia, how digital media can transform the lives of underprivileged students in the developing countries.
09-07-2012 In this blog post, Mike Trucano, Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, World Bank, talks about the recent document released by UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa on ICT enhanced teacher standards for Africa.
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06-07-2012 Ken Banks, founder of, a platform that helps social innovators, entrepreneurs and NGOs to make better use of ICTs, analyses the potential of mobile technology in increasing a country’s GDP, and the need to close the existing ‘mobile gender gap’.
Closing mobile’s gender divide.jpg
Image Credits: mobile’s “gender divide”
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