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09-05-2012 Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, says that even though the social media is an engine that is driving social change, it must also fuel another revolution, "a clean energy revolution." In this blogpost, Kumi urges tech companies to ensure that the electricity powering their data centres comes from cleaner sources.
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29-03-2012 Developing countries should provide affordable access to high-speed internet, e-books and quality online resources to their students so that e-learning gains focus in their education strategies, says Angus Scrimgeour from the International Association for Digital Publications.
14-03-2012 Internet technology and renewable energies can merge to create a powerful new infrastructure towards Industrial Revolution 3.0, argues economist Jeremy Rifkin.
27-12-2011 By enabling information exchange at many levels ICTs are strengthening the adaptation efforts of communities in Africa, says Ben Akoh, project manager at the International Institute for Sustainable Development.
16-03-2011 Developments in modern ICT are the key to enable people greater and more equitable access to health services. Particularly using mobile devices to collect and share health data can make a lot of difference, argues Jody Ranck.
25-11-2010 Regulating nanotech is challenging, says Rajender Varma, but green chemistry could help developing countries 'leapfrog' to cleaner, healthier products.
10-11-2010 Africa should embrace open source scientific software that has come of age with enhanced and user friendly features. This will cut costs, boost IT skills, and even spur IT innovation in the continent, argues Linda Nordling.
Image Credits: scidev/ Linda Nordling
16-07-2010 Ethan Zuckerman, a Harvard academic argues that the internet instead of broadening our view of the world has arrowed it down. Solutions to this could be to engage, rewire the systems, fix education, new translation projects and tools along with mechanisms for discovering content, he adds.
Image Credits: BBC/ Ethan Zuckerman is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society
05-04-2010 As one of the biggest projects happening in the world, the UID project of the Government of India is generating a lot of excitement, says Nandan Nilekani.
First set of UIDs to be issued by 2011
Image Credits: Image Credits: Rajkumar / Mint / UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani says though he cannot put a number around the savings the UID project would lead to, it will be substantial
25-03-2010 For many, social networks are a place to meet and chat, but for people living with chronic diseases or disabilities; it plays a vital role by enabling them to blog and participate in online discussions about health problems, writes Claire Cain Miller.
Image Credits: The New York Times/ Claire Cain Miller
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