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15-03-2010 Use of ICT in the education sector in India, though recent, has picked up fast, and the benefits are already starting to show. Brian Pereira highlights the promising scene for technology-aided education and the opportunities it holds in store.
09-03-2010 A laptop for every school kid in the developing world can work wonders to bring a better future for them. Yet for the initiative to be truly successful, it would need to address the structural disadvantages in the developing world, says Rachel Brody as she audits the One Laptop Per Child Programme.
02-03-2010 In this award winning paper, Tanmay Kumar, Secretary, Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan discusses E-Sanchar, a pilot project conceived under the State “100 Days Action Plan”. Using integrated mobile and information technology, it succeeded in pro-actively informing pensioners from socially disadvantaged categories, and facilitated timely payment to them.
tanmay kumar.jpg
Image Credits: Tanmay Kumar
25-02-2010 Cheng Donghong and Jia Hepeng look at China’s efforts at balancing ICT growth for corporate profit along with meeting socially responsible goals.
ICTs benefit rural China
Image Credits: Image Credits: Flickr/Helga's Lobster Stew / ICTs are growing at breakneck speed in China
05-02-2010 New technology and better communications will help innovation to drive development, and arrive at common solutions to common problems, say Gordon Conway and Jeff Waage.
Innovations development opportunities
Image Credits: Image credits: Flickr/IRRI Images / Scientists must be empowered to work on innovation for development
02-02-2010 R. S. Sharma, Director General and Mission Director of the Unique Identification Authority of India shares the work in progress on the massive UID scheme, in an interview with eGov magazine.
25-01-2010 The Google episode in China is an indication that cyberspace may soon become the next war arena in the fight for basic human freedoms, observes John Noughton.
Real world contentions spill on to the net
Image Credits: Jason Lee/Reuters / A Chinese Google user with a bouquet of flowers at the Google China headquarters in Beijing
08-01-2010 ICTs in Education policies and clear implementation strategies is the need of the hour, if we wish to achieve the goal of universal education, says Prof. Asha Kanwar, Vice President, Commonwealth of Learning. Development depends on the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge by everyone, she adds.
Image Credits: Digital Learning/ Prof. Asha Kanwar
05-01-2010 Studies have shown that many ICT-based projects instead of promoting learning within illiterate communities have perpetuated inequalities, says journalist Kelly Ng. For widening participation among marginalised groups, there is a need to understand and choose technologies that are best suited for each community, she adds.
Image Credits: Fuutre Gov/ Kelly Ng
29-12-2009 Both designers and users need to be aware of the risks posed by the combination of new technologies and free participation in the web, says Avinash Kadam, Director, MIEL e-Security Technologies. If Web 2.0 has helped in improving connectivity, it has also unfolded many risks, he adds.
Image Credits: Network Computing/ Avinash Kadam
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