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09-10-2009 ITShed has helped rural communities in Sri Lanka in setting up enterprises by providing them access to information on services and products, says Osama Manzar, founder and director of Digital Empowerment Foundation. It has brought multiple benefits to thousands of villages, he adds.
Image Credits: Livemeint/ Osama Manzar
07-10-2009 ICT occupies an important position in India’s power sector, particularly in distribution sphere, says Kapil Mohan Director (Distribution), Ministry of Power. Integrating ICT with various programmes will enable real time monitoring and control of power distribution system.
Image Credits: eGov/ Kapil Mohan
29-09-2009 Mobile phones are transforming healthcare in developing countries by strengthening health systems management and facilitating clinical research, says Paula Fortner, Senior Staff Writer, iHealthBeat. The new age mobile tools have enabled an integrated, interoperable e-health system, she adds.
mobile health.jpg
Image Credits: Image credits: Experientia/ mHealth in Ghana
24-09-2009 Undersea fibre optic network Seacom will not only link Africa to the global knowledge economy but also foster infrastructure growth, says Calestous Juma, co-founder of Victoria Institute of Science and Technology, Kenya. He however adds that liberalising markets for internet access devices is critical to reap benefits.
Image Credits: Image credits: BBC/ First undersea fibre optic cable, Seacom, reached the east African coast
22-09-2009 Media’s role during crisis is not just about getting the message across but also strengthening accountability linkages between government and citizenry, says Ashish Sen, Trustee, Voices, a development communications NGO. Indian government needs to encourage community media for disaster preparedness and mitigation, he adds.
Image Credits: Image credits: i4d/ Ashish Sen
16-09-2009 Implementing e-governance in educational systems will enable effective monitoring of academic standards, says N.N. Sachitanand, a technology writer. He cites the example of M-Star education expert system which has overhauled the infrastructure in schools and colleges across India, making the learning system more accountable.
Image Credits: Image credits: ADB/ Indian officials learning best practices on e-governance
10-09-2009 NComputing technology has the potential to provide affordable computing to millions of people worldwide, including India, says Manish Sharma Vice president, Asia-Pacific, NComputing. The single desktop solution has already been adopted by 5,000 schools in a southern Indian state, he informs.
Manish Sharma.jpg
Image Credits: Image credits: Digital Learning/ Manish Sharma
08-09-2009 Technology may not be a silver bullet but can act as enabler for a knowledge society, says Mridul Chowdhury, co-founder of youth activist organisation Jagoree. Taking the case of Malaysia, the author calls for knowledge indexes that assess the impact of ICTs on society to account progress.
Image Credits: Image credits: Forum-The Daily Star/ Azizur Rahim Peu
03-09-2009 Reforming the government machinery must precede the use of ICTs in service delivery says Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Director General, Centre for Good Governance. An agricultural portal developed by CAG will provide farmers valuable inputs on good practices collated from various departments, he adds.
Image Credits: Image credits:e-Gov/ Dr. Rajeev Sharma
31-08-2009 Geo-engineering will help 'decarbonise' the global economy, claims a new report. Artificial trees, among other solutions, can help capture a thousand times of carbon dioxide than a real tree and store it. Judith Burns reports.
artficial trees.jpg
Image Credits: Artificial trees could be used in areas of high carbon emissions/ Photo credit: BBC
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