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13-04-2010 The latest edition of Measuring the Information Society features the new ITU ICT Development Index (IDI) and the ICT Price Basket-two benchmarking tools to measure the Information Society. The analytical report is complemented by a series of statistical tables providing country-level data for all indicators included in the Index.
Image Credits: ITU/ Cover page of the report
03-03-2010 ICT innovation is a key element to spur green growth by improving environmental performance and addressing climate change across economies. The report Smart Sensor Networks: Technologies and Applications for Green Growth by OECD gives an overview of sensor technologies and applications, and quantifies their environmental impacts.
28-01-2010 GeSCI’s publication Building a Knowledge Society for All points out that while transition to knowledge-based economies is progressing, the gap between developing and developed countries is widening. It highlights that adequate information and communication infrastructure and the proper employment of ICTs in education can help to tackle challenges.
Image Credits: GESCI/ Building a knowledge soceity for all
11-01-2010 A Future Gov Publication, Planning Ahead – Is Asia’s Healthcare Sector Ready for the Future?, explores the significance of information technology within healthcare organisations across Asia Pacific, and the strategic value given to electronic record management. It highlights the move of public sector health organisations to greater automation.
gov health.png
Image Credits: Future Gov/ Cover page of the report
30-12-2009 Building Communication Opportunities publication Planting the knowledge seed: Adapting to climate change using ICTs explores the linkages between global warming and access to information. Evidences from the report show that ICT tools can help reduce climate change risks faced by the most vulnerable communities.
Image Credits: BCO/ Cover page of the report
23-12-2009 Microsoft Research publication The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery is a collection of essays that offers insight into the rapidly emerging field of data-intensive computing. It highlights several scientific breakthroughs powered by advanced computing.
doc resource.jpg
Image Credits: Microsoft Research/ Cover page of the report
08-12-2009 ITU’s new publication e-Environment toolkit and Readiness Index will help countries to assess ICT impact in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It provides guidelines for the development and deployment of electronic applications and services in the area of environment.
Image Credits: ITU/ Cover page of the report
04-12-2009 Information Sharing and Public Health: A Case-based Look at the ICT Expectations-Reality Gap, an IOS Press publication highlights the importance of information integration and sharing in government health programmes and services. It stresses that the gap between expectations about ICTs and using them for information sharing needs to be filled.
Image Credits: Technical Jones/ Health information shared through mobiles
02-12-2009 Association for Progressive Communication’s second The APC ICT Policy Handbook aims to build the capacity and understanding of issues surrounding policy on ICT development and regulation. It highlights the Internet issues and wireless technologies that have emerged as new ways to connect people in more locations.
Image Credits: Cover page of the report/ Photo credit: APC
27-11-2009 Development Research Network’s policy brief Digital Bangladesh and gender equality shows how the digital shift can create more opportunities for women. It summarises major recommendations for policymakers, ICT and women’s rights activists to promote good practices.
Image Credits: The Daily Star/ A bracnet employee shows the Classmate PC to a female visitor at a fair in Bangladesh
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