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24-11-2009 An integrated use of technology enables a range of positive outcomes for children and young people. Becta’s latest publication, The impact of digital technology, shows how ICTs are playing powerful role in enhancing learner’s efficiency, greater engagement and improving performance.
digital learning.jpg
Image Credits: Becta/ Cover page of the report
20-11-2009 International Telecommunications Union’s report The World in 2009: ICT facts and figures points out that mobile technologies and broadband are making major inroads in developing countries. It argues that even though cellular technology is becoming widely popular, there are regional discrepancies in mobile broadband penetration.
Image Credits: ITU/ Cover page of the report
17-11-2009 Global Information Society Watch 2009 examines how information technology is advancing human rights and democracy across the world. With country case studies, it highlights the impact of ICT policy at the local and global level and the need for strengthening networking and advocacy for a just, inclusive information society.
Image Credits: GISWatch/ Cover page of the report
09-11-2009 Future Gov’s report Green, Virtual, Social: The future of Asian education? highlights the shift from paper-based materials to digital content creation and online delivery systems in Asia Pacific. The research found that major IT locations lay emphasis on using new tools to deliver measurable value and extend green initiatives in the sector.
Image Credits: Future Gov/ Cover page of the report
06-11-2009 Challenging the old belief that technologies contribute towards social isolation, Pew’s report, Social Isolation and New Technology: How the Internet and Mobile Phones Impact Americans’ Social Networks, shows that Internet and mobile phones have not only encouraged social contacts across boundaries, but also improved participation in local activities.
Image Credits: Physorg/ People enjoying online services at an internet shop in downtown Hanoi
04-11-2009 Small technology – big impact, a report from the US-based Academy for Educational Development shows how the new-age computing and communicating devices are making huge impact in the developing world. It argues that small technologies are providing new sustainable development solutions and enhancing local business opportunities.
Image Credits: Marketing feeds/ Mobiles offer lifelines in Africa
30-10-2009 UNCTAD’s new report Information Economy Report 2009 highlights the limited access to broadband internet and its impact on economic opportunities in developing countries. It suggests the expansion of underwater fibre optics network and public-private partnership to narrow the broadband gap.
Image Credits: SciDev/ Much of the developing world is falling behind with broadband access
28-10-2009 IICD’s latest publication Youth Promotion through ICT -- Lessons learned from the Chawama Youth shows how ICT can be integrated into youth promotion. The document is a practitioner’s guide to learn from experiences and implement solutions to a new geographical location.
Image Credits: UNESCO/ Youth and ICT
23-10-2009 Towards Green ICT strategies: Assessing Policies and Programmes on ICTs and the Environment, OECD’s report analyses government policies and industry initiatives on ICT and the environment. It highlights the strategies and initiatives for achieving climate-safe ICT technologies.
Image Credits: Google/ Greening ICTs
20-10-2009 OECD’s publication The impact of the crisis on ICTs and their role in the recovery explores the challenges faced by the ICT industry during the economic downturn. The document highlights the impact of crisis packages on the sector and the need for refinement of policies for faster recovery.
Image Credits: Queensland Governmnet/ ICT services
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