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16-10-2009 The Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation developed by ITU highlights the increasing cybercrimes with the internet revolution and the need for international legal framework to combat it. The documents underlines various measures and activities to boost global cybersecurity.
Image Credits: ITU/ Cover page of the report
13-10-2009 R4D’s document Learning, Technology Acquisition and Governance Challenges in Developing Countries looks at specific problems of technology acquisition and learning in developing countries. Detailed case studies in the report highlight the need for appropriate policies.
Image Credits: Technology in developing countries
08-10-2009 e-agriculture’s policy brief Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas discusses the use of mobiles in creating economic opportunities and strengthening social networks in rural areas. It examines the challenges faced in terms of interventions and impacts on rural communities and underlines the need for appropriate policies to ensure benefits.
Image Credits: e-agriculture/ Mobile telephony used for rural development
06-10-2009 Using mobile phones to fight HIV/AIDS, a report on a pilot project conducted in Western Uganda highlights the lack of access to knowledge and treatment on the dreaded disease. The document brings out the significance of mobile phones in tracking and prevention of the virus.
africa mobile.jpg
Image Credits: Google/ Cell phone technology in Africa
30-09-2009 Sida’s new report ICTs for Democracy examines the potential of information and communication technologies for advancing democracy and empowerment with special focus on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It recommends the integration and strategic use of ICTs in good governance.
Image Credits: Google/ ICT in Africa
23-09-2009 World Economic Forum’s latest publication Global Competitiveness Report 2009–10 highlights the gaps between innovation and research in the Indian subcontinent. The document stresses the need for more technological readiness and penetration for holistic development.
Image Credits: World Economic Forum/ Cover page of the report
16-09-2009 IDRC’s publication Living the Information Society in Asia highlights the connection between man and technology and how varied ICT tools and applications have transformed human lives. The collection of selected papers provides fascinating insights to practitioners into the ICTs interventions and interactions in Asia.
Image Credits: Image credits: UN-APCICT/ Cover page of the report
09-09-2009 World Economic Forum's publication The Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009 underlines the strong correlation between ICT and economic growth. The document highlights specific case studies and the impact of mobile telephony in alleviating current social and economic problems.
cover ict.jpg
Image Credits: Image credits: World Economic Forum/ Cover page of the report
07-09-2009 Global Impact Study’s guidebook Compendium on Impact Assessment of ICT-for-Development Projects provides a comprehensive impact assessment framework for ICT4D projects. The document is useful for practitioners and policy-makers in assessing various informatics initiatives undertaken in developing countries.
Image Credits: Image credits: Assessing the use and impact of ICTs in developing countries/ UNCTAD
02-09-2009 Telehealth in the Developing World offers a review of the state-of-the-art technology solutions being used to address public health challenges in developing countries. The publication presents a comprehensive analysis of telemedicine systems and applications for providing education, medical care and consultations worldwide.
Image Credits: Cover page of the report/ Photo credit: UN-APCICT
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