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27-08-2009 IICD's new book ICTs for Agricultural Livelihoods explores the potential impact of ICTs on the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in developing countries. It uses case studies to bring out the need for integrating ICT in national policies and programmes for poverty alleviation in the agricultural sector.
24-08-2009 The recently launched Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009-2010 is a comprehensive guide to the state-of-practice and trends in information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) in Asia Pacific.
21-07-2009 Information and Communications for Development 2009: Extending Reach and Increasing Impact takes an in-depth look at how ICT, and particularly broadband and mobile, are impacting economic growth in developing countries. The data section includes at-a-glance tables on ICT sector performance for 150 economies .
 IC4D2009 - Extending Reach and Increasing Impact
Image Credits: World Bank / Cover page of the report
01-07-2009 UNESCO's first openly licensed publication Open Educational Resources: Conversations in Cyberspace brings together the background papers and reports from the first three years of activities in the UNESCO OER community.
Open Educational Resources: Cover page of the publication
Image Credits: UNESCO / Cover page of the publication
18-06-2009 The global best practice study International Good Practice for Establishment of Sustainable IT Parks presents the critical business success factors for setting up IT Parks with a review of experiences in Vietnam, Russia, and Jordan.
International Good Practice for Establishment of Sustainable IT Parks
Image Credits: infoDev / Cover page of the report
12-06-2009 The Participatory Web provides a systematic overview of Web 2.0 experiences made to date in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As a practice-oriented introduction to the theme, it discusses both the potentials and the possible limits to the participatory web.
The Participatory Web: Coverpage of the report
Image Credits: Crisscrossed / Cover page of the report
09-06-2009 Sustainable ICT in Further and Higher Education is the final report of the SusteIT project that analyses and develops best practice cases and tools on environmentally sustainable ICT practices in further and higher education.
01-06-2009 The Message-in-a-Box project of Tactical Technology Collective offers a comprehensive online toolkit with tips, techniques and advice on using new technologies for advocacy.
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21-05-2009 The latest edition of Measuring the Information Society features the new ITU ICT Development Index which captures the level of advancement of ICTs in more than 150 countries worldwide and compares progress made between 2002 and 2007.
Measuring the Information Society - The ICT Development Index
Image Credits: ITU / Cover page of the report
15-05-2009 The Gender Policy for Community Radio has been developed by AMARC-Women's International Network to help radio stations understand and strive to meet the needs of women in their diversity - women in conflict situations, differently abled women, women from minority groups, including lesbian and transgender women.
Gender Policy for Community Radio - Cover Page
Image Credits: ISIS / Cover page of the report
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