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Mapping progress on telehealth

02 September 2009

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Telehealth in the Developing World offers a review of the state-of-the-art technology solutions being used to address public health challenges in developing countries. The publication presents a comprehensive analysis of telemedicine systems and applications for providing education, medical care and consultations worldwide.

Telehealth in the Developing World

Editors: Richard Wootton, Nivritti G. Patil, Richard E. Scott and Kendall Ho

Publisher: Royal Society of Medicine Press and International Development Research Centre, 2009.

Rich in practical experience, this book narrates pioneering work in the field of telehealth in developing countries.

Cover page of the report/ Photo credit: UN-APCICT

It describes progress on particular specialties – such as teledermatology, telepaediatrics, telepathology, telepsychiatry and e-mental health – in countries like China, Pakistan, Chechnya and Ecuador, as well as accounts of linking with Italian expatriates and cross-cultural experiences between the USA and Cambodia.

The task for every health care system is how to maximize the personal contact with the technical input, while all the time operating within a sustainable financial framework.

Multiple solutions

People working in developing countries have had to think about this task with even more urgency than those working in richer countries.

This included how to obtain an expert opinion in remote places, how to support local clinics who may not have all the skills they need, how to make sure technical information is interpreted wisely in very difficult circumstances and how best to use very scarce resources.

Telemedicine offers help in meeting these conflicting needs by improving access to data and to individuals, while driving down the costs of doing so. It offers solutions for emergency medical assistance, long distance consultation, administration and logistics, supervision and quality assurance and education and training for health-care professionals and providers.

Filled with real-life stories, the publication will be of interest to health professionals, development workers, and e-health and telehealth proponents interested in learning about, or contributing to the implementation of appropriate solutions for 80% of the world’s population.

This book will serve equally well as a resource for students of public health, public policy, and global medicine as it will for practitioners in the field and for programs developing capacity internationally.

Source : UN-APCICT

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