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47 Indian entrepreneurs selected for Paragon fellowship

16 November 2009

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Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship has selected hundred inspiring young entrepreneurs from Asia Pacific, including forty-seven fellows from India for the annual Paragon fellowship. The fellowship aims towards empowering youth to become changemakers, and create real and positive impact in their communities.

Hong Kong: 47 young entrepreneurs from India have been selected out of 560 nomination from the Asia Pacific to join the annual Paragon fellowship.

Image credits: Paragon 100/ Anjali Chandrashekar-artist

The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) announced 100 inspiring young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers from 10 countries in Asia Pacific.

Youth entrepreneurship has emerged as an attractive alternative to widespread unemployment, as it integrates unemployed youth into the labour market and tackles poverty through the creation of jobs.

In order to support young entrepreneurs who have dared to stride out, FYSE has selected young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers for a one-year fellowship in which they benefit from regional networking, leadership development, mentorship from an extensive network of professionals and entrepreneurs, capacity building and access to finance.

To inspire more young people FYSE will profile Paragon fellows widely through an extensive network of more than 50 partners in Asia Pacific and multiple online channels as positive role models in order to inspire more young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice.

The website will not only provide young people with inspirational role models, but also provide them with information on how to take the next step towards turning their ideas into reality.

“We need to provide more young successful entrepreneurs as positive role models to our youth in order to inspire them to take actions.

Many young people in Asia Pacific dream of being an entrepreneur, but they hesitate to take action because they don’t know any young entrepreneurs who have already succeeded in doing so. The Paragon fellowship aims to change that”, says Ms Andrea Krause, Executive Director of FYSE.

“While in Europe and the US young social Changemakers and entrepreneurs are celebrated in the media and society, we need to move forward in Asia to celebrate and support our young entrepreneurs, as they can play a tremendous role in creating jobs and in contributing significantly to the economic and social development of our countries.”

Image credits: Paragon 100/ Ejaj Ahmad

This year fellows represent 10 countries including India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Singapore and an astonishing 65 percent of the fellows started social ventures or NGOs.

As more and more young people want to use their education to make a difference in their society, starting a social venture or NGO enables them to tackle challenges they are passionate about with a business mind.

“I am an entrepreneur because I saw a social need that had to be addressed immediately and I felt that I could adequately address it by taking it up institutionally”, says Indian Piyush Tewari founder of the Save Life Foundation.

Ejaj Ahmad, founder of the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre agrees, “I am an entrepreneur because I wanted to change my society and for me social entrepreneurship provided the perfect platform.”

The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) is a regional organization inspiring and empowering young people to make innovative suggestions and actions to create positive change and real impact in their communities, their countries and Asia. FYSE’s major initiative is the Vision: Asia’s young people are inspired and empowered to change their community for good.

Source : FYSE

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