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Bangladesh connected

13 February 2010

Shahed Mustafa

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Bangladesh has launched web portals for each of its 64 districts that will be maintained by local authorities and provide information on education, health, agriculture, tourism & heritage. The websites are also easily accessible with each carrying its district name.

Bangladesh has got its own 64 web portals for each of its 64 districts. The prime minister inaugurated the web portals on January 6. These web portals contain almost all the information a citizen requires.

bangladesh connected.jpg
The Daily Star/ Portal for every district

These are unique in design and maintained by the local authorities. The addresses of the portals are easy to find. Each of the district web portals follows the same address path which is: dc(district_name)

The web portals contain information as district at a glance, geographical profile, industries & commerce, local newspapers, sports & recreation, culture & languages, transportation facilities, famous persons of the districts, public representatives, upazila & union information etc.

People can get an overall idea and information about their districts. Besides, information of the deputy commissioner's office, local government, zila parisad, upazila parisad, union parisad, poursava information is presented in the portals.

People can get current information about their districts in News & Advertisement section. Moreover, emergency telephone numbers, address of the important websites are also given.

Information about four important sectors as Education, Health, Agriculture, Tourism & Heritage of the districts are given in the portals. In the health section the visitors will get the telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals, clinics and health assistants.

In the agriculture section, the information of the fertilizer dealers and block supervisors are given. In the Tourism and Heritage section, information of the district hotels and accommodation facilities, tourist places, district heritage and maps of the districts are available.

For the visitors who want to comment or express their views, a comment book and an opinion & advice section are placed. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is also there for those who want to get instant answers from the service providers.

These 64 web portals are constructed in Bangla for the time being and steps to make their English version is going on.

These portals are constructed under the 'Access to Information (A2I)' programme with the assistance of the UNDP. The step of building 64 web portals by the government will help people to get information at their doorsteps.

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