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Computer centre for visually challenged

16 October 2009

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NGO Amway Opportunity Foundation in partnership with Devnar Foundation for the Blind has set up computer centres for visually challenged children in a southern Indian city of Hyderabad. The centre has been equipped with a special software and innovative tools to facilitate IT education among these students.

Hyderabad:  The students of Devnar Foundation for the Blind had something to celebrate on the International White Cane Day.

computer school.jpg
Image credits: Express Buzz/ Amway Opportunity Foundation distributing white canes to the students of Devnar School for the Blind on International Cane day

A new computer centre. The centre aims at providing vocational training in Information Technology to the visually impaired along with various soft skill modules.

“In today’s times, computer knowledge is vital so that the visually challenged too have access to computers, paving way for their integration into the society. I will definite ensure my support to such a cause,” said P Satyananarayana, Minister for Health, who inaugurated the centre.

Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF), a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that looks after Amway India’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), set up the computer centre for the visually challenged in partnership with Devnar Foundation for the Blind. Additionally, to mark the International White Cane day, AOF donated 150 white canes to the visually challenged students of Devnar Foundation.

“Devnar Foundation is one of the best institutions recognised by the Andhra Pradesh Government, should work towards excellence with the given opportunity,” said Chaya Ratan, Secretary, Women Development, Child and Disabled Welfare of AP.

She added that the government was willing to give recognition to the visually impaired students who were willing to work hard.

The State Government has earlier come out with CDs and CD players to assist in their learning. It will also provide soft loans for laptops to the blind students to promote education.

The computer centre will offer various computer courses to the students apart from 24-hour Internet facility. The 10 computers that will be set up here will have a special software JAWS that is specially designed for the visually impaired to facilitate better computer learning.

“We have grown from a small organisation to a strength of 400 students today. We provide children with education, boarding and lodging,” said Dr Sai Baba Goud, Managing Director, Devnar Foundation.

“We have also opened a hostel for Intermediate students to encourage further education among girls. One of our students was admitted in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States.”

One of the students of Devnar Foundation having completed his Masters in Social Work is currently employed at General Electronics (GE) was also present for the event.

“Computer knowledge and advanced technologies will enable us to become a social boon,” he said. Rajat Banerji, executive secretary of AOF said that the objective of this venture was to generate employment through vocational training and education.

“Our students have proven themselves and contributed significantly to the society. We believe in them and when given a responsibility they will perform to the best of their abilities,” said Lily Albert, principal of Devnar Foundation.

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