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28-02-2009 A DSIR-supported study sets off alarm bells with its finding on e-waste in India growing annually at a 10 per cent soon to touch 4.34 lakh metric tonnes this year
Image Credits: Getty Images / e-waste
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24-02-2009 UNEP and Microsoft Corp recently signed an MoU to work together on leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to help address today's complex environmental challenges.
18-02-2009 The Atlas contains updated information on over 2,500 languages and is available free of charge worldwide.
11-02-2009 In what is the world's first Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), India has completed documenting over two lakh medical formulations of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani to save them from piracy.
Indian medicinal plants.jpg
Image Credits: Google Images / Indian medicinal plants
10-02-2009 Launch of the first e-education programme in India gives hope that access, equity and quality of higher education in the country will be substantially enhanced by leveraging ICTs
A class in progress.jpg
Image Credits: OWSA / A class in progress
06-02-2009 The Government of Philippines is promoting the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in its latest bid to attain agricultural sustainability and competitiveness for the country's farmers.
Filipino Farmers.jpg
Image Credits: Corbis / Paul A. Souders / Philippine Farmers at Work
05-02-2009 The Internet Bus aims to address the challenge around access and language for a lot of users in smaller cities by educating them on how they can access the Internet on their mobiles
Google Internet Bus.jpg
Image Credits: Madhukiran / Google Internet Bus
02-02-2009 The first community radio station in Assam was formally launched at the Krishna Kanta Handique Open University in the state on 27 January.
02-02-2009 Indian scientists have launched an 'agricultural Wikipedia' - Agropedia - to act as an online repository of agricultural information in the country.
Agri Field.jpg
Image Credits: OWSA / Agricultural field in India
29-01-2009 The Community radio station will serve to establish a knowledge network for sharing and delivery of agri-related knowledge.
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