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29-01-2009 The European Commission will publish an action plan in March to boost the role of ICT in helping to green the EU economy. But extra effort from the technology industry may be necessary.
12-01-2009 An integrated police information system developed by Wipro will ease the tasks of administration and record-keeping for the law keepers, and help to bring in operational efficiency throughout the department.
Police Info System
Image Credits: CXOtoday / The Police Information System will bring in operational efficiency to the department
07-01-2009 Statistics gathered by firms combating computer crime reveal 2008 has been a fairly busy year for professional cyber thieves, who have not only grown more organized and business savvy, but have also come of age in their dodgy tactics.
07-01-2009 Farmers in Punjab now have a facility to access real time market rates right on their phones so they can pick and choose the best market where to sell their produce.
MandiBhav on Phone.jpg
Image Credits: CXO Today / Market rates on the phone
06-01-2009 The National Mission on Education through ICTs is a new scheme introduced by the Government as a major intervention to increase enrolment and ensure access and equity in Higher Education institutions across India.
school students
Image Credits: OWSA / A group of school students
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05-01-2009 Lalitpur, a backward district in northern India has got its own community radio station. Set up by UNICEF to link one lakh people across 60 villages, the station will train villagers to report, research and prepare programmes on culture, women and health issues.
Lalit Lokvani CRS.jpg
Image Credits: UNICEF/ Lalit Lokvani, community radio station
02-01-2009 Communities in Gulbarga will soon have their own radio platform with the Information and Broadcasting ministry clearing the set up of the country's 39th community radio station in the district.
29-12-2008 The Ugandan Government has launched an ambitious project to provide telemedicine facilities in different health centers across the country, enabling patients to receive remote diagnosis and prescription from doctors even outside the country.
Uganda Flag
Image Credits: Ugandan National Flag
29-12-2008 Converging the internet, television and telephone on to one platform, IPTV was recently launched in Uttar Pradesh.
29-12-2008 For its ambitious e-Gram project, the Gujarat government has roped in IT giants Google, Microsoft and Cisco to provide satellite-based broadband connectivity to the state's village panchayats. Google has already developed a website in local language Gujarati on agriculture, education and health.
e-gram Google.jpg
Image Credits: Google Images / E-Gram
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