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IDS-OneWorld knowledge workshop for NGOs begins

03 January 2013

OneWorld South Asia

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The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and OneWorld are organising a workshop for Indian NGOs and research bodies to enable them to make use of and share the large IDS Knowledge Services collection of research publications which are sourced from a diverse range of sources.

OneWorld in collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), United Kingdom, is organising a workshop 'Mining IDS knowledge Services' in New Delhi on January 3-4, 2013. The workshop intends to empower research organizations and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) to use and take benefit of IDS knowledge sharing platforms for efficient content syndication.

Recognising the value of well-researched content, OneWorld uses the knowledge from IDS for its own group of portals and also developed plug-ins which automatically allow content syndication and sharing from IDS’ knowledge sharing platforms like Eldis and Bridge. These two are renowned knowledge services by IDS that host a range of documents, resources and publications on development research, policy and practice. IDS with its innovative Application Programming Interface (API) service, enables other organisations to pick, use and share the info-knowledge available on these resources.

With the intention of expanding the reach of these plug-ins beyond its immediate partners and taking cue from the recently conducted workshop with its selected Ek Duniya Web Services (EDWS) partners, OneWorld feels that a large number of grassroots partners in the region would be keen to use the plug-ins to mine knowledge resources from Eldis and Bridge. While extending the plug-ins, partner organisations need to be oriented on the kind, importance and credibility of the content, the appropriate usage of the content and also the technical skills in handling the plug-in on their web platform.

Duncan Edwards from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), at the University of Sussex, Brighton said: "We plan to build on the success of the workshop Oneworld ran with members of their Ek Duniya network in March 2012. I look forward to seeing how the research material being made available through the Institute of Development Studies' API can add value to the work that workshop participants are doing within the fields of agriculture, nutrition, and climate change.”

This year’s workshop concentrates on sharing of thematic knowledge in the fields of agriculture, climate change, health and nutrition. After the workshop, OneWorld will conduct a study with Krishi Community Radio of Karnataka’s University of Agriculture Sciences to explore the possibilities and opportunities of using this knowledge for creating content for community radio stations. A workshop with a community radio stations too is planned after the exploratory study.

According to Rajiv Tikoo, Director, OneWorld, “the workshop will work with partners to facilitate access to global development research and provide them support for delivering effective knowledge mobilisation strategies. The workshop will focus on building systems that will help people to access and re-use diverse knowledge sources and prepare a better-informed audience for development research.”

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