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India: Internet based audio-visual service to aid in schooling

21 July 2012

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MuktaVidyaVani, an internet-based audio-visual service launched by the National Institute of Open Schooling in India, will tap into the organisation’s repository of teaching resources and steam interactive lectures.

Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal, on Thursday inaugurated Mukta Vidya Vani, an interactive modern education communication channel for 24x7 streaming of audio content for the National Institute for open Schooling (NIOS).

Riding on the world-wide-web, Mukta Vidya Vani will allow for participatory and cost effective educational content in the form of audio and video products. The multi-channel package is offered by the NIOS involves an academic perspective together with the technical responsibilities of production of audio and video programmes, which are one of the most important components of the multi channel package offered by the NIOS.

NIOS is similar to IGNOU and has a major role in augmenting school education, besides supporting school dropouts. According to experts, Mukta Vidya Vani is designed to enable a two way communication with any audience having access to an internet connection, from the NIOS studio situated in Noida in the National Capital Region.

Mukta Vidya Vani will be complemented by NIOS’ newly-launched website that is designed to meets the needs of its learners and is also disabled-friendly.

An MoU signed between the NIOS and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) will help develop skill-based courses on web designing in accordance with the guidelines for Indian government websites. This will provide vertical and lateral mobility of learners from the school level in the web designing course.

One of the reason for Mukta Vidya Vani to ride on the world-wide-web is NIOS’ not being able to obtain a frequency for operating a community radio license. This is a handicap, especially since a large number of regional centres and study centres engaged in counselling.

Sixteen regional centres of NIOS were involved in an interactive exercise in the run-up to Mukta Vidya Vani in the first phase. It involved lectures to 10 students at each centre that was broadcast between 2.30 and 5 pm to suit schools doubling-up as NIOS centres to provide the necessary infrastructure like class rooms and teachers.

During the second phase, this facility will be extended to all the study centres of NIOS  spread across the country. The third phase will involve students who have computers and internet facility whereas the fourth phase will entail developing mobile apps for various systems like iPhone, Blackberry and Android so that lessons are available to the learners on the move.

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