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India's National Community Radio Awards-2014 presented

13 March 2014

Jaskirat Sethi and Soumya Jain

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Community Radio JU from West Bengal was awarded Most Creative/Innovative programme content Award.

New Delhi: The 3rd National Community Radio Awards, started by India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the year 2012 was presented during the fourth National Community Radio Sammelan in New Delhi. The conference is being organised by India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) in association with OneWorld Foundation India.

The awards which were presented by Bimal Julka, Secretary, India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, were given in five categories including Thematic Awards, Community Engagement Awards, Most Creative/ Innovative Programme Content Awards, Promoting Local Culture Awards and Sustainability Model Award to promote better programming on the Community Radio Stations.

Community Radio JU from West Bengal was awarded Most Creative/Innovative programme content Award for coming out with an innovative idea of teaching Mathematics over radio. Fighting tough competition for the Sustainability Award, Radio Media Village from Kerala won it for filling complete documentation which other entries failed to do.

New concept of Peer Review was introduced by MIB this year as per the suggestion made during the last year’s conference. The Jury comprised of 6 members, 4 being the member of the Community Radio Stations analyzing 131 entries registered majorly from all states except the North East.

Iskra Panvesca from UNESCO said that CR Awards inspire people to improve their relationship with the community at large and make them aware about their needs and requirements. “Broadcasters may become listeners or vice versa and that is the real beauty of the Community Radio,” she said.

Talking about the jury, Pinky Chandra, Director, Radio Active, said that judging the category ‘Promoting Local Culture Awards’ was the best part of our work. For her, the approach, style and presentation of programmes, was an enjoyable experience.

The entries for this year’s national Community Radio awards were invited from operational community radio stations till 31stJanuary 2014. A total of 131 entries from 68 community radio stations were received. An Independent Jury of peers was constituted to screen the awards.

The National Community Radio awards were instituted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2012 to promote better programming on Community Radio Stations.  These awards are given in five categories.

The list of awardees is as follows.

i) Most Creative /Innovative Programme Content Awards

1) Yerlavani Community Radio, run by Yerala Projects Society, Sangli, Maharashtra, for its programme, “Changes in cropping and agricultural practices as per environmental change”

2)  Community Radio JU, Run by Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, for its programme, “Sunno Theke Suru – Types of Quadrilateral”

ii)     Thematic Awards

1)  Anna Community Radio, Run by Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for its programme, “Putholi”

2)      Kumaon Vani run by The Energy and Resource Institute, Uttarakhand, for its programme, “Bazar Laye Bochhar”

3) Radio Madhuban, run by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Rajasthan, for its programme “Gruhasan Se Singhashan”

iii)  Community Engagement Awards

1)      Saiyere Jo Radio, run by Saiyere Jo Sangathan, Gujarat, for its programme, “Khaso Sashan”

2)      Radio Vishnu, run by Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, Andhra Pradesh, for its programme, “Vijayapadham”

3)      Pantnagar Janvani, run by G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Uttarakhand, for its programme “Gaon ki Baat”

iv) Promoting Local Culture Awards

1)      Voice of  SOA Community, run by Siksha O Anusandhana University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, for its programme, “Kandhai Katha”

2)      Radio Kissan, run by Association for Integrated Development, Odisha, for its programme “Ama Kala Ama Sanskriti”

3)      Community Radio Sarang, run by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Karnataka, for its programme “Dudi Nalike (Kunitha)

v)  Sustainability Model Award

1) Radio Media Village, St Joseph College of Communication, Kerala

About the various categories:

Most creative /Innovative Programme Content Awards: The purpose of this award is to encourage community radio stations to experiment/devise new formats of programme, presentation or adaption of traditional communication formats to convey development concerns to the community with greater impact.

Thematic Awards: This award is given to the community radio stations which create programmes that are relevant to the community, addressing any issues pertaining to the need or interest of the community.

Community Engagement Awards: This award is given to the community radio stations which engage community in planning, content, production and broadcast of programme.

Promoting Local Culture Awards: This award goes to that community radio stations that incorporate best local talent and tradition in its programming.

Sustainability Model Award: This is to encourage community radio stations to adopt innovate model to generate revenue for self sustenance.                                         

(With inputs from Ashok Kumar/OneWorld South Asia)

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