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Next-gen ICDS set to cover all Indian districts

01 August 2014

OneWorld South Asia

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Four hundred districts have already covered by the 'Strengthened and Resurrected ICDS Scheme' while the remaining districts will be covered in the current year, according to Union Women and Child Development Minister, Mrs Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

An amount of Rs. 1626748.57 lakhs was released to states by the Union 
Ministry of Women and Child Development under the ICDS Scheme during the 
past financial year (2013-14) against a release of Rs. 1570149.59 lakhs 
in the previous year (2012-13), Union Women and Child Development 
Minister, Mrs Maneka Sanjay Gandhi informed the Lok Sabha.

An amount of Rs. 570651.62 lakhs has already been released to the States 
under the ICDS scheme during this financial year, she said.

In order to address various programmatic, management and institutional 
gaps and to meet administrative and operational challenges, the 
government approved the 'Strengthening and Restructuring of ICDS Scheme' 
in September 2012 with an over-all budget allocation of Rs. 1,23,580 
crore during the 12th Five Year Plan.

Roll out of Restructured and Strengthened ICDS has been undertaken in 
200 high burden districts in the first year (2012-13) and an additional 
200 districts in its second year (2013-14). The 200 districts covered in 
the second phase include districts from special category states and the 
North-East Region.

The 'Strengthened and Restructured ICDS Scheme' addresses gaps and 
challenges with special focus on children under three years of age and 
pregnant and nursing mothers. It also works to strengthen and repackage 
services like care and nutrition counseling services and care of 
severely underweight children.

The new scheme has provied for an additional Anganwadi Worker cum 
Nutrition Counselor for focus on children under three years of age and 
to improve the family contact, care and nutrition counseling for nursing 
mothers in the selected 200 high-burden districts across the country. 
Besides this, it also focus on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) 
and forging strong institutional and programmatic convergence 
particularly, at the district, block and village levels.

The plan also has scope to construct and improve buildings of anganwadis 
and training and use of Information and communication technology (ICT), 
especially towards revising financial norms.
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