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Radio stations to showcase multiple needs

04 January 2010

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Under its Behaviour Change Communication programme, UNICEF is offering technical and programmatic support in setting up community radio stations in districts of central and north India. The proposed stations will provide locals an opportunity to highlight their traditional and environmental heritage.

Mumbai: The Saijyoti Gramodhyog Samaj Seva Sansthan and Sambhav Social Service Organisation will set up their community radio station in Lalitpur (UP) and Shivpuri (MP) respectively within an estimated three months time.

According to a government release, the ministry of Information and Broadcasting has signed Grant of Permission Agreements (GoPA) to establish CR stations in Lalitpur (UP) and Shivpuri (MP) with Saijyoti Gramodhyog Samaj Seva Sansthan, Lalitpur, and Sambhav Social Service Organisation, Gwalior.

Both CR stations are being supported by UNICEF India as part of its Behaviour Change Communication programme in these two districts and are expected to be on air within the next three months.

Saijyoti has been working in Lalitpur district over the last decade on issues around health, education, sanitation, minority rights and community empowerment. Lalit Lok Vaani, the proposed station in Lalitpur, will make programmes addressing development needs in Bundelkhand, along with programmes that offer local communities an opportunity to showcase the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of the region.

Situated 15 km outside Lalitpur town near Village Alapur, on the road to Jakhlaun and Deogarh, Lalit Lok Vaani's studio was inaugurated in September 2008 at a grand function at which a number of community members and village leaders participated.

Sambhav has been working in Shivpuri district over the last two decades on issues around health, education, sanitation & safe drinking water, minority rights and community empowerment; and also runs the Shri Padmasambhav Eye Hospital in Shivpuri.

Radio Dhadkan, the proposed station there, is colocated with the hospital, and will make programmes addressing the development needs in the region, while highlighting the cultural traditions, history and environmental heritage of the region. Dhadkan Radio's studio was inaugurated in March 2009 at a well attended function that featured traditional entertainers alongside a showcase of radio programmes made by the community radio team there.

UNICEF India has supported both stations with technical, training and programmatic support as part of its Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) programme in these districts.

UNICEF India works in 17 districts across 13 states of the country, where it provides in-field support to development sector civil society organisations, and partners with the national and state government to improve the health, nutrition and other key social outcomes for children and their families.

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