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30 November 2011

Press Release

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Datawind, inventor of the world’s cheapest tablet and NASSCOM Foundation have announced a contest wherein non-profits in India will stand an opportunity to improve their operations and programme implementation to bridge the digital divide.

Technology for Indian non-profits
Image Credits: NASSCOM/ Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind holding the world’s cheapest tablet computer – UbiSlate
New Delhi:  Datawind, the inventor of the world’s cheapest tablet computer – UbiSlate – has joined hands with NASSCOM Foundation to help bridge the digital divide in India.

The Foundation has partnered with Datawind to announce a contest targeting the non-profit network across India, wherein 10 of them will stand an opportunity to win 20 Aakash tablets/UbiSlates each, to improve their operations and programme implementation. The contest will open between December 2011 and January 2012.

How will the winning streak be decided?

Each of the participating organisations will have to showcase how best the UbiSlate will be used for socio-economic challenges such as education, health and livelihoods.

NASSCOM Foundation definitely sees potential for the information and communication technologies sector playing a crucial role in the process of social change. The recently announced Aakash/ Ubislate tablet has huge potential to aid the development sector’s efforts.

Datawind’s visionary thinking will enable individuals and organisations to go beyond the reach achieved by computers and broadband Internet, and connect them through intuitive touch screen interface, mobile connectivity and other features that are apt for non-profits.

Commenting on this association, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind said, “Since 2006, and a similar effort with our PocketSurfer devices, we’ve partnered with the NASSCOM Foundation to help bridge the digital divide. We’re excited by this partnership to help extend the reach and applicability of UbiSlate tablets and internet connectivity. It will also enable us to receive feedback from our audiences on their usage patterns, short-comings, and needed features for future releases.” 

The Foundation will reach out to 2000+ strong network of non-profits across 27 states through this initiative with one question: ‘How can Aakash help your non-profit’s mission?’

The contest will gather ideas on applicability of the UbiSlate for alleviating the society from the current challenges it faces – education, healthcare, and overall accessibility to information.

The competition will be run on NASSCOM Foundation’s BiG Tech platform (, which is a technology philanthropy program that assists non-profits' access to free software from NASSCOM Foundation’s donor partners.

While those who provide the most innovative ideas on using this device will be able to put them to best use, the Foundation will also monitor the progress of the winning campaigns and provide feedback to the Aakash team.

According to Rita Soni, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, “It is heartening to see innovative tech entrepreneurs actively involved with finding viable solutions to India’s most pressing issues. The UbiSlate/Aakash tablet competition complements NASSCOM Foundation’s aim to empower non-profits with technology, helping NGOs become more operationally efficient and find creative ways to tackle developmental challenges.”

Source : NASSCOM

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