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TERI report envisions a green e-India

26 December 2011

Poorva Sagar, OneWorld South Asia

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ICT can play a crucial role in reducing India’s energy requirements by encouraging environment-friendly practices for rapid growth, says a recent report by TERI and NASSCOM.

New Delhi: Can we achieve high economic growth while promoting a healthier environment? Yes we can. A recent report emphasises how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a transformational role by enabling firms to efficiently run green business and significantly contribute towards reduced carbon footprint. ICT can check power consumptions in the economy by expanding their outreach to more and more sectors and make them greener.

TERI report envisions a green e-India
Image credit: TERI/ (L to R) Annapurna Vanchesvaran, Som Mittal, Dr. RK Pachauri, Nitin Desai and Rama Vedashree at the report launch

The report attempts to connect IT users and providers of e-products and services to help meet the goals of climate change and environment sustainability.

This report, Sustainable Tomorrow: Harnessing ICT potential was launched  by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) Business Council for sustainable development and National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in New Delhi on Dec 22.

Sachin Pilot, Minister of State, Communications and Information Technology, Govt of India, applauded the report in his email-message for the occasion. “I have no doubt in my mind that ICT can play a transformational role by partnering with both government and enterprises in India to go green.” He urged the ICT industry members and research organisations like TERI to take the lead in making India an innovation hub for green technologies and practices.

Dr R.K. Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, speaking at the launch, emphasised on a symbiotic relationship between ICT and sustainable development. “The rapid growth of the ICT sector in India makes it imperative that future activities in this field fully meet the objectives of sustainability and social responsibility,” he said, urging the government and private players to take up the issue with urgency. 

Dr Pachauri articulated his plans to introduce solar based mobile charging stations in 200 Indian villages deprived of electricity and  connect them to mobile information centres to boost their livelihoods. He expressed his belief that ICT could help build a more equitable system.

As India moves towards becoming a knowledge-based society, ICT solutions can aid development in different ways. In the last decade, ICT has helped India improve its efficiency and contributed to better governance, thereby, changing India’s image globally. “The IT industry is playing a transformational role in the way businesses, customers and citizens are serviced, and also leading the way in establishing a new paradigm for knowledge and services-led economy,” said Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM.

The Indian IT-BPO sector is actively participating in the ‘green’ movement, increasingly focusing on issues such as energy conservation and on utilising IT to reduce the carbon footprint, enhance efficiency and business capabilities, improve productivity and preserve the environment. Customers are demanding more environment friendly products and solutions to help them to setup Green Data Centres and drive energy efficiency in their facilities and core processes.

The report encompasses case studies on green buildings, energy efficient cooling and renewable/non-conventional sources of energy employed by different IT-BPO players that can go far in fuelling a low-carbon , high growth economy.

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