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Tracking cyber criminals

30 October 2009

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A new software that aids cyber café owners to maintain a digital record of customers has been introduced in India. The click-cyber cafe manager application will help to create a database of internet users, and track criminals in case of threat mails.

Bangalore: Whenever there's a hoax mail on bomb attacks, or hate mails and vulgar mails, their origin is usually from cyber cafes. But law-enforcement agencies always had difficulty while tracing the culprits.

Image credits: Google/ Cyber-crimes

Though it is mandatory under Information Technology (IT) Act for cyber-cafe owners to maintain records of their customers, there was ambiguity about the procedures required, and cafe owners were scared of losing business.

But now in Bangalore, the police are actively supporting a new software created by a private company that will help cyber cafe owners maintain a digital record with all the details of the customer including their photo identity.

The software -- `Click-Cyber Cafe Manager' from Ideacts Innovations -- is available free of cost for cyber-cafe owners. Sensing that the software will help in creating a database of internet users and help in easy tracking them in case of threat mails, the Bangalore police are urging cyber-cafe owners to use the software.

Taking the lead, Bangalore East division police along with Ideacts Innovation organised a meet inviting all cyber-cafe owners from the East division on Thursday. Over 200 cyber cafe owners had participated in the interactive meet.

Joint commissioner (crime) Alok Kumar, who presided over the meet, said that cyberspace security is now an important facet of law enforcement. With nearly 47% of internet access points still being cyber cafes, it is imperative to have comprehensive information management.

"It will help keep their user records for longer duration and manage their cafe accounts"

"According to the IT Act 2000, and the state IT Act, it is mandatory for a cyber-cafe owner to take down name, address, contact details and a photo identity. If a owner does not maintain these records and if the law-enforcement authorities finds about it, owners can be fined up to Rs 25,000.''

According to Krishna Swami, head, operations (South & East) of Ideacts Innovations, "Owners today do not have practical solutions for information storage.

`Click Cyber Cafe Manager' will help keep their user records for longer duration and manage their cafe accounts. At the same time, they will be empowered to give out maximum information when needed.''

The free software will help cafe owners create a user ID and attach their photo, photo identity, address and contact numbers.

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