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Vodafone innovates on learning solutions for school children under 'Mobile for Good'

01 May 2012

OneWorld South Asia

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Using innovative software and mobile technology, and in partnership with Pratham Education Foundation, the Vodafone Foundation is providing learning solutions for over 50,000 underprivileged children across India under its "Mobile for Good" programme.

The Vodafone Foundation, in collaboration with Pratham Education Foundation, has announced a commitment to provide learning solutions for over 50,000 underprivileged children across India. This is as part of the Vodafone Foundation’s "Mobile for Good" programme and its strategic focus on education in India.

Vodafone Foundation has committed INR 140 million to provide the 'Learning with Vodafone Solution' across 1000 schools in India over the next 3 years.

A successful pilot project has been conducted in schools across Karnataka and the Foundation looks at building on this and replicating the same success in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi. 

'Learning with Vodafone Solution' uses innovative software developed by the Vodafone Solutions Team (Innovations Centre) combined with the liberating effects of mobile technology.

It enables teachers to improve the classroom experience with rich graphical and multimedia content coupled with innovative methods of teaching. With this, students get to explore learning via the internet in an interactive and engaging manner.

Laura Turkington, Director, Vodafone India Foundation, said, "The Vodafone Foundation in partnership with Pratham will enable the widespread usage of this unique and innovative learning platform in 1000 schools across India. We believe this is a great example of how mobile communications can empower lives of thousands in the Indian market. Through our technology and expertise, we aim to improve learning prospects for children as well as enable teachers to get rich content."

Madhav Chavan, Chief Executive Officer, Pratham, said, "Pratham believes in collaborating for the mutual benefit of the partner and the children of India.  We are hoping that through this collaboration with Vodafone Foundation, we are able to raise our understanding of technological interventions while also helping create a delivery mechanism for better learning for the children of India."

The 'Learning with Vodafone Solution' offers:

  • Digital educational content aligned to the prescribed curriculum.
  • SMS multiple choice tests for the child to do with their parents outside the classroom along with a notification service, enabling the teachers to check understanding of the content and involve and keep parents informed.
  • A school management system to track attendance, grades and other administrative requirements.
  • Safe access to the internet to explore digital content related to curriculum.
  • Access via low cost internet devices including tablets, smartphones and the Webbox.

‘Learning with Vodafone Solution’ is a cloud based solution that is a combination of content, a learning platform, mobile devices and access technologies, and enables continuous engagement between teachers and students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Starting with 300 schools in June 2012, 'Learning with Vodafone Solution' project shall be implemented in a phased manner targeting low income schools only. The project will be implemented in Government schools and low-income private schools in urban and rural areas where the medium of instruction is English.

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