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E-governance initiative for the police in the offing

12 January 2009

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An integrated police information system developed by Wipro will ease the tasks of administration and record-keeping for the law keepers, and help to bring in operational efficiency throughout the department.

Police Info System
Image credits: CXOtoday / The Police Information System will bring in operational efficiency to the department

Wipro Infotech, the India and Middle East IT business of Wipro Ltd, and a provider of IT and business transformation services has developed an integrated police information system, which will cover day-to-day administration of the department, as well as back-end processes. This could possibly be one of the best e-governance initiatives for the police department.

The benefits include:
  1. Faster public response
  2. Ease in maintaining details of criminals
  3. Easy tracking of the status of cases
  4. Monitoring and enhancing departmental performance
  5. Significantly reducing paper work and manual register maintenance
  6. Eliminating duplicate and inconsistent record keeping
  7. Providing quick and easy access to historic data, thus enabling accurate forecasting

This end-to-end online application software will cover activities related to day-to-day functioning of police departments, including back-end processes of general administration, finance, stores, etc.

The process has been automated to ease the tasks of administration and record keeping, thereby bringing in operational efficiency throughout the police department.

The application is developed on a software oriented architecture so that it can be used both in centralised as well as de-centralised deployment mode. This architecture will enable each police station to function independently and at the same time, allow data to flow to the divisional and HQ levels at regular intervals, thereby achieving the benefits of a centralised system.

The application is also incorporated with a citizen interface, through which complaints can be raised and status of an already lodged FIR can be tracked. The user interface can display content both in English and local languages.

It also includes several operational modules, which will maintain records within respective police stations and other police bodies pertaining to various activities of the police in areas like crime, law and order, wireless, traffic, intelligence and counter intelligence, etc.

Each module has a search function to retrieve relevant data. A standard based information exchange gateway will make available the required crime and criminal information for access by other states.

Source : CXO Today

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