Monday | 11 Dec 2017
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  • Tree tracking goes hi-tech
    Armed with GPS-based technology, a team of botanists in Mumbai in India plans to map trees and check irregular felling in the city.
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  • Making everyone ‘Stand Tall’
    The Stand Tall initiative has been started by a dedicated medical fraternity in China to use communications technology in innovative ways for rehabilitating ...
  • Software 'gives children a voice'
    Scientists claim to have developed the first technology of its kind to allow children with communication problems to converse better.
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  • Common problems, shared solutions
    New technology and better communications will help innovation to drive development, and arrive at common solutions to common problems, say <i><b>Gordon ...
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  • Free pass to Mars
    NASA and Microsoft have jointly launched a new website that will allow people to explore the red planet and assist scientists in producing better maps. It ...
  • Microsoft unveils Bing Maps Beta
    Microsoft Corp has launched an enhanced and more developed version of map search with better viewing and application gallery. Bing's Streetside and Silverlight ...
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  • EpiCollect for 'citizen scientists'
    A new software developed for smart phones will allow scientist and researchers to collate and analyse data through a central web based database in real time. ...
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  • Africa on a digital ride
    Undersea fibre optic network Seacom will not only link Africa to the global knowledge economy but also foster infrastructure growth, says <b>Calestous ...
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  • NASA and others seek ways to save forests
    Space agencies, governments and Google Inc. have entered in a new partnership to save the forests in tropical countries. Satellite images received via Google ...
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  • Artificial trees to combat climate change
    Geo-engineering will help 'decarbonise' the global economy, claims a new report. Artificial trees, among other solutions, can help capture a thousand times of ...
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  • Now, health lab on your phone
    A new diagonistic tool has been developed by researchers in California, which on attaching to a phone will help test blood or water samples. Due to the ...
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  • UNISDR: Google can save lives
    Innovative partnerships with Google and e-providers can contribute to raising awareness about disaster risk reduction in high risk areas, said UN Special ...
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  • ICT in rural disaster preparedness
    ICTs can be used to both predict natural disasters and, crucially, warn smallholders so that they may make preparations to mitigate losses during extreme ...
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  • Track your cow’s development
    A mobile phone application, iCow, also the world’s first cell phone cow calendar, enables small-scale farmers in Kenya, mostly dairy farmers, to access ...
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  • Digital footprints to identify cheetahs
    Wildlife conservationists are making use of the footprint identification technique to track the movements of cheetahs and other endangered species in the ...
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