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  • Global ICT experts meet in Beirut
    Delegates from more than 110 counties have gathered in Beirut for a conference that is aimed towards building a greater knowledge economy to help countries ...
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  • e-district to be launched in India
    A new e-governance programme that aims to automate citizen services at the district level will be launched early next year in India. Enabling better state ...
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  • ICT industry poised to rebound
    OECD’s publication <b><i>The impact of the crisis on ICTs and their role in the recovery</i></b> explores the challenges faced by the ICT industry during the ...
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  • Ethics code for mobile users
    Egypt has launched a 16-point codebook to regulate the behaviour of cell-phone users. It advices users to refrain from using inappropriate words or photos in ...
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  • Indian prisoners to become technocrats
    A prison in south India is soon to become an ICT training hub with a full-fledged library and computer lab. The first of its kind, the Jeevika project will ...
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  • Indian Government steadily going 2.0
    Social networking is the latest apparatus of the Government of India to promote citizen participation in governance. Various departments like the Ministry of ...
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  • E-petitions giving power to people
    The Department of Communities and Local Government, UK is planning to roll out e-petition systems for all councils by April 2010. The objective is to reach out ...
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  • China embraces paperless culture
    China is pushing public offices to cut down on the usage of paper and contribute towards environmental protection. The idea of going paperless is part of the ...
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  • Monitoring cybercrimes
    <b.<i>The Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation</i></b> developed by ITU highlights the increasing cybercrimes with the internet revolution and the need for ...
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  • Addressing the digital divide
    UNCTAD’s new report <b><i>Information Economy Report 2009</i></b> highlights the limited access to broadband internet and its impact on economic opportunities ...
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  • Addressing environmental impacts of ICTs
    <b><i>Towards Green ICT strategies: Assessing Policies and Programmes on ICTs and the Environment</i></b>, OECD’s report analyses government policies and ...
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