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'Doctor on Call' on your mobile phone now

30 December 2008

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A first of its kind 'doctor on call' service brings instant medical assistance to patients through the phone.

For the first time in India, a mobile phone-based medical assistance service called 'Doctor on Call' is being launched in Mumbai. This 9 to 9 service provides live interaction between doctors and patients and has been pioneered by BPL Mobile, Mumbai's leading mobile service.

BPL Mobile has launched this Value Added Service to provide a virtual channel that will give subscribers instant access to quality medical assistance. 

Doctor on Phone.jpg
Image credits: Guy Cali/Corbis / Doctor on phone

The service will provide a first time telephonic consultation, where doctors will diagnose a patient's problems under three categories - 'Acute', 'Chronic' and 'Emergency' - depending on the condition of the patient.

A Doctor who attends a call, will try to understand the present condition of the patient on the phone, and will offer some palliative home remedy to the subscriber under the type:  'Acute condition'.

The attending doctor will suggest a future course of action in terms of lifestyle change, preventive measures and which specialist to be consulted for further management for the type: 'Chronic condition'.

In the case of an Emergency, the doctor will suggest if the patient needs to be rushed to the nearest hospital.
Mr. Sunzay Passari, VAS & Devices Head at BPL Mobile, said, "For the busy & time-challenged Mumbaikar, instant access to quality medical assistance is going to be a boon. BPL Mobile in yet another industry-first offering, hopes that this service will be of great utility to its subscribers. While this service does not claim to replace a family Doctor, 'Doctor on Call' will be useful in all those occasions when one can't reach their trusted doctor, or in an emergency, for second opinions and also for daily recurrent ailments."
The service will cost INR 15/minute. There would be no need for the Mumbaikar to take time off work or face long queues or take prior appointments.

For people who often end up denying themselves medical advice in a bid to avoid interrupting their busy schedule, this service would be very useful. More so, the aged or the frail would not need to worry about their mobility. In case the family doctor is not available, or in case a second opinion is required, the service is very useful.
On the purpose of extending their services from the internet in January 2008, to mobile phones in December 2008, the founder of, Mr. Kunal Sinha said, "With medical assistance over the mobile phone we are able to reach out further more to the typical Mumbaikars who are always on the move. Using a mobile phone as our platform has indeed proved to be the next logical and innate step of advancement in our services."

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