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10-09-2012 Ugandan cattle farmers are set to benefit from the use of information and communications technology (ICT) tools and meteorological data to improve their ability to adapt to climate change-induced hazards such as water stress and prolonged droughts.
ICT to help Ugandan farmers cope with climate change.jpg
07-09-2012 An administrative district in Maharashtra, India has implemented an ICT based comprehensive and effective solution to respond to recurring disasters.
An e-disaster management plan.jpg
06-09-2012 In Kenya, where agriculture accounts for 75 per cent of jobs, and 80 per cent of the land is arid or semi-arid, droughts can be crippling. Sophisticated drought monitoring systems exist on a macro level, but they do not provide localised warnings.
Kenya A warning system to mitigate negative effects from drought.jpg
05-09-2012 The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong recently launched a mobile application called 'My Culture'. The app allows users to view information on cultural presentations, venue, schemes of events, film programmes organised by museums and other cultural venues in Hong Kong.
03-09-2012 Along with other forms of social media, Twitter is bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Social media has also buoyed the small, non-commodity farmers suffering from drought.
Social media help farmers restore lost crops.png
27-08-2012 Kenyan farmer, Zack Matere, searches the web for useful agricultural information, then posts it on notice boards around his community helping other producers to improve their crops.
A bridge between farmers and the web.jpg
22-08-2012 A group of young people from the National Association of Ecological Producers in Peru (ANPE PERÚ), promote organic farming and an ecological approach towards agriculture, with the use of Information and Communication Technology tools such as social media.
Peruvians use social media to promote agro-ecological production.jpg
14-08-2012 The spirit of sharing is at the heart of the many new technology hubs that have opened in ACP countries in recent years. In Zambia, BongoHive encourages industry professionals to work with enthusiastic beginners to develop applications for the local mobile market.
Cooperation for Development.jpg
Image Credits: ICT Update
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08-08-2012 Farmers in Kenya and Nigeria use a unique SMS service to share information. Next2’s SMS service in Kenya and Nigeria lets farmers share local knowledge, expertise and experiences with each other, and with agricultural researchers.
A simple exchange system.jpg
Image Credits: ICT Update
07-08-2012 South Korea’s Capital city has launched early this week, a location-based mobile application which allows users to register complaints regarding community issues that affect public safety and infrastructure.
Seoul launches location-based complaint app.jpg
Image Credits: FutureGov
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