Friday | 15 Dec 2017
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01-09-2009 A new range of online services from psychiatric help to legal assistance over personal and professional problems are becoming very popular in India. Anonymous chat rooms and virtual support groups are helping thousands of people regain confidence and stability.
Image Credits: Google/ A women chatting online in India
28-08-2009 Human rights activists are looking towards a new generation of web tools for anonymity and security. The use of Tor has increased in China and Iran as its hides the user’s location and evades detection, thus protecting political dissidents.
Image Credits: Plugged in/ Photo credit: Reuters/ Catherine Benson
26-08-2009 The Global Teenager Project's new mobile component will enable schools to participate in the world's largest online learning programme. Students from remote areas can exchange details through SMS on their culture and stay connected to their peers.
Image Credits: Students use short text messages to learn about each others cultures/ Photo credit: IICD
19-08-2009 The voter helpline number 190 operating out of Kabul is presently the best known phone number in Afghanistan and it is doing a good job of addressing a range of questions from keen voters across the country.
Afghanistan voter helpline
Image Credits: Amandine Roche/UNDP Elect/Afghanistan voter helpline answering 35,000 queries per week
30-07-2009 A Japanese research team has proposed storing data on semiconductor memory-chips made of silicon that will make information as resilient as if it were set in stone itself. The disc-like device is the 'Digital Rosetta Stone' named after the ancient Egyptian artifact that revolutionized modern understanding of hieroglyphic writing.
Image Credits: Cast in stone: Sumerian tablets/ Photo credit: BBC
24-07-2009 The ebb and flow of thousands of pieces of household rubbish are to be tracked using sophisticated mobile tags. Carlo Ratti explains how the tiny tags work.
Tagging technology to track trash
Image Credits: BBC / Tagging technology to track trash
20-07-2009 Inaugurated last year by Deutsche Welle, a radio project called “Learning by Ear” is reaching into parts of Africa where computers are yet to be seen. Today, more than 33 million people on the African continent are able to listen to this distance-education programme. Its popularity lies in its unconventional format and true-to-life stories that embrace diverse themes.
love is in the ear
Image Credits: Deutsche Welle / Love is in the ear
13-07-2009 One intrepid entrepreneur battles brigands and bureaucrats to bring e-governance to India's 700 million rural poor.
An Internet for rural India
Image Credits: Michael Rubenstein / CNN Money / An Internet for rural India
07-07-2009 UNICEF has launched a website to mobilise support for social protection measures ahead of the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy this week. Through this interactive online petition, people can communicate their personal commitment towards child rights to the world leaders.
People get a virtual seat at the G8 summit
Image Credits: UNICEF / The webpage
26-06-2009 Wide gaps in weather and climate data across Africa may be addressed by unique mobile phone tower-mounted weather stations that are being set up in partnership between humanitarian groups and phone companies.
Mobiles boost Africa climate data1
Image Credits: BBC / Mobiles boost Africa climate data
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