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23-06-2009 Radio is often considered to be a one-way medium, but the African Farm Radio Research Initiative is investigating ways of combining radio and ICTs to gather content and to share information among farming communities throughout rural Africa.
Talking back to radio2
Image Credits: ICT Update / Broadcasters use ICTs to involve farmers in radio programmes for rural Africa
16-06-2009 Knowledge is power, and agriculture is no exception. Producers who keep track of market prices stand to make more money. ICTs, particularly mobile phones, e-mail and the Internet, are radically changing the ways farmers sell their products in some ACP countries.
Smart marketing2
Image Credits: Spore / Smart marketing
13-06-2009 Specially developed open source software enables a South African project to send millions of targeted health messages to mobile phones users across the country.
Delivering an extra message
Image Credits: ICT Update / Delivering an extra message
09-06-2009 Alerta DISAMAR, a mobile phone-based health project is helping doctors in the Peruvian navy to report and track disease outbreaks even in remote areas and ask for help with treatment.
Texting disease away2
Image Credits: BBC / Texting disease away
01-06-2009 WFP is reaching out to schools to inform teachers and students on global hunger by integrating the issue into lessons on geography, science, social studies and mathematics.
WFP Reaches Out To Schools Via Web
Image Credits: WFP / Rein Skullerud / WFP reaches out to schools via web
22-05-2009 The newly formed University of the People presents a gateway to aspiring students from around the world to continue higher education from their homes at a minimal cost.
UN University
Image Credits: UN News Centre / The world's first tution free online university
19-05-2009 BBC Click reporter David Reid visits a project in the south of France where digital technology is giving freedom to hospital patients and the vulnerable.
An amount of privacy is traded off for freedom to stay at home
Image Credits: BBC / Project Gerhome is giving freedom to hospital patients and the vulnerable
11-05-2009 In San Ignacio de Moxos in north Bolivia, the only internet connection available was an expensive and intermittent telephone connection. Since March 2006, wireless internet has brought connectivity at a quarter of the earlier price, helping people shed their electronic isolation and linking them to the rest of the world.
San Ignacio de Moxos connected with antennas
Image Credits: APC / Freddy Bohorquez / San Ignacio de Moxos connected with antennas
01-05-2009 A web tool that "could be as important as Google", according to some experts, has been shown off to the public. Wolfram Alpha, a free program will answer questions directly, rather than display web pages in response to a query like a search engine.
Wolfram Alpha - Google web tool
Image Credits: BBC / Developers say Wolfram Alpha can simplify language to remove 'linguistic fluff'
28-04-2009 Using locally developed open source software, doctors in Mali can send digital copies of x-rays via the internet to the main city hospital, in Bamako, for expert diagnosis and recommendations. The success of this teleradiology project has led to further e-health initiatives in the country.
extending x-ray vision
Image Credits: ICT Update / Teleradiology improves diagnosis and treatment for patients in rural Mali
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