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20-04-2009 This demo from the MIT Media lab, USA, was the buzz of the TED community. It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment.
Pattie Maes.jpg
Image Credits: TED / Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense
23-03-2009 Two US-based linguists toured from Siberia to India and Bolivia to Arizona to audio record dying dialects, using ‘language technology kits’. Nearly 40% of the world’s 7,000 languages are on the verge of extinction.
linguists on their mission
Image Credits: Seed magazine / Linguists on their mission
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19-02-2009 Once without a telephone line and in the grip of insurgency, a remote village in western Nepal stands transformed. A local visionary's efforts with a home-WiFi kit and solar-powered relay station have e-connected Nangi with the rest of the region to provide people better education, healthcare and income.
wireless station nepal.jpg
Image Credits: Nepal Wireless / A wireless relay station in a remote part of Nepal
04-03-2009 A global initiative by the International Institute for Environment Development will bring together donor agencies, NGOs and research institutes from over 50 countries in an online platform to facilitate sharing of climate solutions.
Floating gardens.jpg
Image Credits: Practical Action / Floating gardens are beds of aquatic weeds that allow cultivation in flooded areas
17-02-2009 The Internet is spreading to villages in the developing world — but sometimes in unexpected ways. Katherine Nightingale discovers that Rural communities have their own way of participating in the digital age.
Wizzy School
Image Credits: Kelsey Wood / Children at Habeni Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal experiment with email
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11-02-2009 Indians are set to benefit from a unique identity (UID) number that will be assigned to them as a permanent identifier through life, obviating the need for multiple documentary proofs of identity.
21-01-2009 Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), referring to TV delivered through broadband services, is hotting up in India. Read about how this new technology is set to change the way people watch TV and access the net.
Image Credits: Indiatimes Infotech / IPTV
14-01-2009 Companies are making their products greener in line with the expectations of their market. This year's Consumer Electronics Show witnessed many companies touting energy saving and earth friendly attributes to their gadgets. Anupreeta Das reports.
Image Credits: REUTERS/Rick Wilking / The Motorola W233 renew, made from recycled plastic water bottles, is the world's first certified carbon-free phone
07-01-2009 Many language advocates are pushing to make more written languages available on cellphones to save endangered languages.
Image Credits: Internet / SMS in Hindi language
06-01-2009 Cancer patients suffering from critical tumors are offered a ray of hope by a robot radiotherapy machine that offers more accurate treatment with minimal side effects.
cyber knife robot.jpg
Image Credits: BBC / Cyberknife
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