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06-08-2012 As part of a ground-breaking public-private partnership to fight polio, Nigeria is harnessing the power of smartphones to monitor real-time performance of vaccination teams during door-to-door campaigns. Using GPS data, a specially designed android application helps map the location of communities in high-risk areas for polio, and for the first time enables monitoring of the quality and coverage of campaigns in real-time.
Innovative smartphone partnership fights polio in northern Nigeria.jpg
Image Credits: UNICEF
01-08-2012 The gap in access to voice telephony has largely been met in Latin America and the Caribbean, due to the rapid rollout of mobile networks. However, the next digital divide concerns Internet access and the many rural areas in the region that are still without it.
Connecting the Americas.jpg
Image Credits: World Bank
30-07-2012 Availability of mobile phones has enabled the development of low-cost solutions aimed at improving water security and reducing poverty in developing nations.The article highlights five mobile strategies that are already helping people get better access to water and sanitation.
Mobile technology boosts water security for the poor.png
Image Credits: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/AlertNet
26-07-2012 The Ministry of Information Broadcasting is the latest ministry to hit social networking. The ministry's Community Radio page on Facebook is becoming a vibrant forum for discussion on the Community Radio policy, Community Radio stations and issues around sustainability.
25-07-2012 Mkulima Calculator (M-Calc) is a web-based application that allows farmers in Kenya to predict their crop yields, giving them access to statistics on soil fertility, required fertilisers and expected crop diseases. M-Calc aims to optimise production and reduce losses farmers incur when they plant specific crops in unsuitable areas.
24-07-2012 ICTs can be used to both predict natural disasters and, crucially, warn smallholders so that they may make preparations to mitigate losses during extreme weather events.
21-07-2012 It started as an experiment in villages and semi-rural parts of Andhra Pradesh. But after running for 58 episodes on Sunday mornings for a year, India’s first television weekly programme on secure land entitlements has created an extraordinary story of awareness and empowerment through legal literacy.
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19-07-2012 At present ICT adoption is largely limited to computer labs in government schools. However, there is a move towards delivering education through the use of tablets and some talk of Cloud computing.
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17-07-2012 SMS for Life, an initiative of Novartis, IBM, Vodafone, the Roll Back Media Partnership and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Tanzania uses SMS and mobile technology to process monitoring the availability of drugs in remote health centres.
16-07-2012 The story behind Intuit Fasal, a free SMS-based service that provides rural farmers with real-time price information, which has blossomed into a program with more than 500,000 users and huge effects on the lives of Indian farmers.
Text messages boost farmers income in India.jpg
Image Credits: co.EXIST
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