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13-07-2012 The Sugarcane Information System (SIS) is a technical platform to streamline interaction between farmers, sugar mills and societies through SMS, IVRS and web portals that provide free of cost services and information to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
Rural technology platform for sugarcane farmers.jpg
Image Credits: A farmer receiving sugarcane cultivation related information through IVRS/UP Sugarcane Development Department/GKC
12-07-2012 After a long wait, telecommunications services are becoming available to even the remotest regions in Papua New Guinea, supported by a private-sector loan project.
11-07-2012 Ministers of Education and ICT from across Africa have called for a rethinking of the financing strategies adopted by their higher education institutions if the United Nations Millennium Developmental Goals are to be attained by 2015.
10-07-2012 A new registration system, in collaboration between European Union and UNESCO will make registration at birth free across eight countries. This will enable use of efficient digital techniques and mobile technology, which will also benefit people living in remote areas. The project, first of its kind will help create better links with health services.
09-07-2012 Tablets hold great promise in delivering education more effectively as they feature innovative hardware and also interactive content both of which are key to superior learning.
Redefining education through tablets.jpg
Image Credits: digitalLEARNING
06-07-2012 A project that provides online legal advice and digital trainings to Bolivian victims of domestic violence was praised in a recent publication of International Capacity Building Organisation PSO.
Use of ICT helps women suffering from domestic violence.jpeg
Image Credits: IICD
04-07-2012 Charles Fripp, Consumer Tech Editor of IT News Africa, outlines the scope and growth of ICT development in Tanzania, which is also one of the top African countries with a high rate of internet penetration.
State of ICT development in Tanzania.jpg
Image Credits: President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania/ Flickr USDA/ IT News Africa
03-07-2012 The Third Eye project, initiated by Gurgaon Traffic Police, India, utilises innovative mobile phone application to capture images and track traffic rule violaters in the city.
Using mobile phones to check traffic rule violations.jpg
Image Credits: Governance Knowledge Centre
02-07-2012 Telecentres have evolved into a global community of ICT hubs, with a strong social mission and motivation to continuously search for innovation and opportunities. And, despite latest technologies and penetration of cell phones, it continues to play an important role in transformation of the society.
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28-06-2012 Changing weather patterns are impacting citizens in Africa’s coastal cities, where local governments are turning to ICT tools like SMS and GIS mapping to reduce impact caused by natural disasters.
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