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20-06-2012 An organisation in South Africa has developed a network of local and international partners to offer a broad range of technology services to underserved communities.
A model of sustainability
Image Credits: ICT Update/ A model of sustainability
15-06-2012 A Chinese woman, who lost her iPhone in a taxi in Beijing, was surprised when a photograph of the taxi driver popped up on her email, thanks to the new App which takes snaps of people who meddle with the phone to unlock it.
08-05-2012 Thanks to radio debates, women in rural Burkina Faso are, for the first time, getting a more active role to play in their community.
01-05-2012 Cork teenager Joanne O’Riordan, who has no limbs, inspired global leaders at the United Nations conference for Girls in ICT Day, held on 26th April, on how technology has changed her life.
Inspirational story of specially-abled Irish teen highlighted on Girls in ICT Day
Image Credits: ITUpictures/ No Limbs, No Limits: Cork teen, Joanne O’Riordan, tells UN how technology improved her life
26-04-2012 Revealed: The Himalayan Meltdown, a one-hour film by the United Nations Development Programme on glacial ice melt in the Himalayas and its repercussions in South Asia has won the Platinum Award at the 45th Annual Worldfest International Film Festival, Houston, the US.
Revealed: The Himalayan Meltdown
Image Credits: UNDP/ Revealed: The Himalayan Meltdown serves a warning that shrinking glaciers can disrupt billions in Asia
30-03-2012 An initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID to support mobile-based financial services in Haiti highlights the potential of low-cost cellular technology to serve the poor.
21-03-2012 The mFisheries suite of mobile applications developed by the University of the West Indies is improving life for fisher people in Trinidad and Tobago, enhancing their safety at sea and ensuring better market linkages and prices for fish.
Mobile apps boost Trinidad and Tobago fish market1
Image Credits: ICT Update/ Mobile apps boost Trinidad and Tobago fish market
23-01-2012 Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidu decries the proposed US anti-piracy laws - SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) - to censor the internet.
We're sorry, you're not allowed to read this
Image Credits: Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidu decries the proposed US anti-piracy laws - SOPA & PIPA - to censor the internet.
05-01-2012 With growing mobile phone penetration and increasing access to internet on devices beyond the pc, this new year may be the heralding of a new age of the internet in India.
2012_the year of the internet in India3
Image Credits: BBC/ Indian internet users have a wealth of choices when it comes to getting connected
05-12-2011 A new mobile application, iCow, developed by a Kenyan farmer and targeted for cattle herding populations in Kenya, is the latest example of an innovative high-tech entrepreneurial culture that is gaining ground in the country.
A mobile application to manage cattle
Image Credits: Brendan Bannon/ The Christian Science Monitor/ Mobileapp developer Sammy Njoroge works at iHub, a creative space for technology incubation in Nairobi, Kenya
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