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10-11-2010 Tanzania’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation has developed an ICT strategy, which includes using GIS, radio and cell phones, to deliver irrigation and water services. Joash Nyitambeis head of the ICT unit at the Ministry shares the national ICT plan.
Tanzania plans better irrigation with ICTs1
Image Credits: SciDev/ The Tanzanian irrigation ministry develops a long-term ICT strategy
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15-07-2010 Haiti government and international community are together organising a live TV and radio talk show to discuss the impact, progress and challenges of the January 12 earthquake. The show will be broadcast by Radio Tele Ginen and Haiti National Television and Radio.
Image Credits: IOM/ Haiti Homes
13-07-2010 Africa’s green revolution should be based on its own indigenous technology and knowledge, says a new report by United Nations. Economists citing the shortfalls in Asia’s agricultural revolution stressed that importing and adapting technologies should fall in line with Africa's different conditions, ecology zones and crops.
Image Credits: Africa's Green Revolution should be built around the needs of its people/ Photo credit: Flickr \ CIAT\ Neil Palmer
31-05-2010 A social technology initiative, Dareecha, for schoolchildren and teachers in rural Pakistan fosters a process of larger changes in the community, addressing gender inequalities through a carefully designed training programme.
Image Credits: APC/Girls during a computer training session
20-04-2010 India is ready to modify its existing film rating system with a new and more specifically categorised film rating system that will consider children’s age as well as acknowledge women's perspectives. The proposed bill also aims to deal with the issue of piracy.
CBFC Certificate.jpg
Image Credits: MyNews/ India's film rating system to be revamped, 5 categories to be made
12-04-2010 The Seeing is Believing - West Africa (SIBWA) project is helping farmers in the region with accurate satellite information and imagery of their farm fields which is helping them to plan their agricultural practices better.
Hi-tech imagery helps rural African farmers
Image Credits: ICT Update / VHRI gives West African farmers data on soil fertility and land size
15-03-2010 India's leading maps and GPS navigation solutions provider, MapmyIndia has launched a new device, Road Pilot, which will revolutionise the mapping industry. A 3.5-inch touchscreen GPS Navigator, it bundles up maps of about 620 Indian cities helping guide users through several destinations and in saving power.
india roads.jpg
Image Credits: Top News/ MapmyIndia GPS navigator
08-03-2010 Under a joint collaborative between the panchayat and a women’s right NGO, a website has been launched in a village in south India that exclusively promotes dowry-free marriages. It also serves as a window to form interactive online communities on issues ranging from marriage customs to gender justice.
Image Credits: Reason for Liberty/ Talks of dowry are nothing new for Indians
02-03-2010 Google’s Person Finder is a searchable database for those who have information about someone, as well as those trying to locate a loved one. Available in both English and Spanish it enables one to browse the database or submit details about a missing person.
Image Credits: The Wall Street Journal/ Person Finder: Chile Earthquake
16-02-2010 A European Commission funded web-based tool developed at FAO will help to aggregate and disseminate food security information in Haiti. It presents details in an interactive map form and will aid the relief agencies.
Image Credits: FAO/ Linking information and decision making to improve food security
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