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11-02-2010 Technology in education is changing the learning experience for students around the world. BBC World Service programme Digital Planet, follows up on unique technology initiatives in three countries - mobile based learning in Bangladesh, laptops for kids in Brazil, and a futuristic classroom in UK.
Innovating technology for education1
Image Credits: Image Credits: BBC / Bangladesh: Mobile English
08-02-2010 Small is no obstacle to do big things. Cook Islands is the first small developing country to create a comprehensive multimedia biodiversity database that helps educate its public about the socially or biologically significant species in the country.
Small nation, big effort1
Image Credits: Image credits: ICT Update / A multimedia database records the biodiversity of the Cook Islands
02-02-2010 Colossus - the world's first large-scale, electronic programmable computer - was created to do one job: crack the codes used to conceal the messages by Germany during World War. It was developed at Bletchley Park, the site of the United Kingdom's main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cypher School.
Image Credits: BBC/ Jerry Roberts used Colossus computer during World War 2 to decipher messages sent to Hitler's generals
27-01-2010 FM YY community radio station in Japan has been helping to build a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society for the last 15 years. Established after the Kobe earthquake in 1995, it has also played a pivotal role in preparing citizens – especially foreign residents – to face disasters.
Image Credits: Image credits: OWSA/ Pictures showing destruction of Kobe after the massive earthquake in 1995
20-01-2010 A pilot project in Zimbabwe, run by the development charity Practical Action, shows that podcasts can work for poor farmers, despite many barriers. They are readily available, accept local voices, easy to use and can be located in communities.
Image Credits: SciDev/ The podcasts are recorded by members of local communities
16-01-2010 New media tools and social networking sites have come to play critical role in disaster relief and information dissemination in quake-hit Haiti. With satellite backed technologies at hand, civilians on the ground could connect to aid agencies, as well as facilitate resource generation.
Image Credits: BBC/ New technologies is directing search and rescue efforts
13-01-2010 An innovative science project in Europe is trying to utilise the properties of bio-chemistry to create computers almost as powerful and complex, and similar in their working as the human brain.The international collaboration funded by a EU programme hopes to arrive at a practical demonstration of chemical computing.
Image Credits: Gareth Jones/ BBC/ Neneu concept
07-01-2010 IBM has developed a new software that will offer instantaneous translation across a variety of e-platforms. Not only will it allow easy translation of URLs but also enable the user to explore the foreign language web as an English speaker.
Image Credits: New York Times/ David Lubensky, left, and Salim Roukos of I.B.M. are using many humans, namely the company's 400,000 workers, to improve digital translation
06-01-2010 Indonesia has successfully set up an earthquake monitoring system that would help in determining earthquake parameters and providing computer predictions of tsunami’s height, volume and impact. The three-level system would be ready by 2011.
Image Credits: IRIN/ At the National Exhibition of Disaster Preparedness in Padang, students watch films that explain the mechanics of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters
04-01-2010 A range of new solar technologies from compact chargers, roof tiles to solar farms are contributing towards efficient energy by harnessing green power on mass scale. Consumers are also turning to sun's energy at the household level to generate their own electricity using traditional and new materials.
Image Credits: BBC/ New solar chargers are able to run and charge a laptop at the same time
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