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GPS Road Pilot navigator to explore India

15 March 2010

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India's leading maps and GPS navigation solutions provider, MapmyIndia has launched a new device, Road Pilot, which will revolutionise the mapping industry. A 3.5-inch touchscreen GPS Navigator, it bundles up maps of about 620 Indian cities helping guide users through several destinations and in saving power.

New Delhi: MapmyIndia, India’s leader in maps and GPS navigation solutions, has launched Road Pilot, a sophisticated GPS navigator pre-loaded with maps of 620 Indian cities; 576,000 towns and villages; 30,000 tourist locations; and 2 million unique destinations. The navigator is priced at Rs 7,990.

india roads.jpg

The Road Pilot has a 3.5” wide touch screen and gives turn-by-turn voice assistance to guide you to your destination. It also has a unique snooze feature to help save power.

When not in use, the Road Pilot can be put to ‘Sleep Mode’ so that it boots up immediately when it is used next. Also, there are no monthly or recurring charges and there’s no SIM card or GPRS connection required, according to a company press release.

Since the device does not depend on mobile network coverage, it offers an ‘always on’ GPS navigation experience, even in places where a mobile phone GPS navigation (which relies on GPRS) would have failed because of patchy or even non-existent network coverage.

Says Rakesh Verma, MD, MapmyIndia: “With the launch of Road Pilot, MapmyIndia has entered a new market for GPS navigators. The new navigator offers all the features of a sophisticated GPS navigator along with India’s best and most accurate maps."

Great connectivity to travellers

MapmyIndia GPS navigator offers Geopix! Navigate to enable its users take a look at the photos of places crossing. Another standalone feature that the device comes with is its one time investment which means that you do not need to buy additional data or incur recurring monthly charges.

It comes preloaded with information about ATMs, petrol pumps, hotels and eateries. It helps you plan your voyage well in advance so that you know where exactly you are heading and what are the routes.

The usability of the MapmyIndia GPS navigator can be seen from the fact that more and more companies are opting to install them in their various vehicles as a standard accessory. Though the device has been there for quite some time now but it has just started making its presence felt, thanks to its amazing features.

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