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Social media help farmers restore lost crops

03 September 2012

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Along with other forms of social media, Twitter is bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Social media has also buoyed the small, non-commodity farmers suffering from drought.

Take Harvest Moon Farms, for example. The 35-acre organic operation in southwest Wisconsin, owned by Bob and Jen Borchardt, has suffered horribly from the drought. Recent rains came too late to save the Borchardts' greens, their principle crop.

Tweets cannot restore lost crops, but they can help leverage dollars and other aid. The Borchardts are staging a string of fundraisers called Drought Aid 2012 to recoup some of their losses. A Chicago photographer, named Grant Kessler, has assembled a social media campaign behind it. He created a webpage for a video (see below) Bob made and publicized it all via Twitter and Facebook.

"The video and the donate button on their website was immediately successful," says Kessler.

"In the first 10 days, it garnered $10,000 through the website alone. This was heavily supported by Twitter and Facebook posts that directed people to the video."

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